The policies that support our values and beliefs

  • We focus on what we know. All levels of the company are involved heavily in the delivery of projects to ensure that they keep fully in touch with the client's business. We do not bring in the expert to sell you something and then deploy a novice team, we see the job through and will put in whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • We do not take on work where we cannot make a difference.
  • We run a high utilisation model with minimal overheads and focus on keeping costs to a minimum.
  • We believe in creating a competitive and enjoyable work environment for our employees. We have regular social and team incentive events. Everyone has a utilisation bonus and a sales incentive. For senior management there is an employee share scheme.
  • All of our people are able to develop their own career and are encouraged to come up with new business ideas, move to new regions or get involved in sales or management at an early stage. We have a very open approach and make sure that everyone on the team knows and understands the whole project. We are also open when sharing details about the company, such as the strategy and finances.

MGH competitive advantage

  • We beat all of our competitors on price.
  • We successfully implement complicated change programmes and demonstrate measurable results and value for money.
  • Our staff develop their skills rapidly and therefore their client value grows rapidly.

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