"MGH has worked thoroughly, professionally and have adapted to the needs of the client in working with John Lewis. They have provided us with insight, experience from other sectors and speed to help us deliver our project. Their passion and commitment is relentless. MGH have been a pleasure to work with and have grasped the somewhat unique character of our business and used this understanding within our work together "

Amanda Hickey, Senior Manager, Customer Development, Operational Development , John Lewis

Services – Supplier & Partner Profiling

Many of the larger hi-tech sector suppliers are highly dependent on partners to distribute, install and service their products, yet MGH's experience is that few suppliers have clear and usable data on how their partners are performing or exactly what their capabilities are.

These same suppliers seldom manufacture all the parts their products contain. They depend on component suppliers / ODMs to provide many of these components. Once again, the suppliers often have little knowledge of the processes and performance of their suppliers and hence, little control over quality and do not always recover the cost of component failure.

MGH has developed a methodology for assessing both partners and component suppliers. Working with you we can develop the content of the assessment and help you to set targets for both your service suppliers and / or your component suppliers.

Europe-wide partner profiling programme

A leading EMEA hardware supplier had a large number of authorised service partners (ASP’s) in Europe. The company wanted to work with the best of these partners in delivering enterprise services solutions in order to maintain its dominant position in the Intel server and storage markets. Its challenge was a large numbers of partner and variable knowledge of their capabilities, yet it needed to rely on key partners to deliver consistently high quality services to customers. In addition, there was variable understanding within the company's channel management teams of the requirements for enterprise services delivery.

MGH were asked to help solve this problem. Its consultants developed the content of the system services provider programme, developed a partner auditing process and co-ran 50 audits across EMEA, trained client staff in enterprise services and auditing, enabling the client to run audits independently and identified key partners across Europe. As a result the client was able operate a much more effective ASP programme. A key part of the success of this programme was the partner profiling techniques introduced by MGH.

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