"MGH Consulting have a thorough background knowledge across the IT industry. They are professional, flexible and are able to analyse data and propose solutions using the facts presented to them. Their approach is methodical and organised and they add pace to any project to realise the benefits in a shorter timeframe. They area also not afraid to get their hands dirty to really understand the problem and come up with practicable solutions."

Kerry McCulloch, Manager, Selling Services (Customer Service), John Lewis

Services - Strategy

Increasingly service is the key differentiator for high technology companies. Either through the need to drive an ever higher percentage of the profit through service, or the fact that in progressively commodity markets service is the differentiator.

Developing a successful services strategy requires the understanding of where your competitors are. It also helps to have good knowledge of other industries and high tech markets in order to develop the paradigm shift that will set you apart from the competition. However, it is most important to have a clear understanding of where your business is currently to enable you to practically deploy the strategy.

MGH is able to bring the facilitation skills and cross industry understanding, to help you create an industry leading strategy. We can also help you understand the gap between where you are and where you want to be and help you create sensible deployment programmes.

Service delivery strategy for a major mobile phone manufacturer

MGH were commissioned to advise a major mobile telephone manufacturer with their European Services strategy. This strategic development included the delivery processes for data rich products and the optimisation of warranty delivery costs and quality on the traditional handset business.

Service delivery strategy for a major IT company

MGH were commissioned to develop a service delivery strategy for a rapidly growing IT company. From competitive analysis and mapping of the client's core processes across Europe, a service delivery strategy was developed covering both direct and channel delivery. This work has been pivotal in enabling the organisation to move from pure product supply to a solutions oriented services business.

Strategy development for IT supply chain outsourcing

A major automotive non hi-tech UK company, specialising in end to end supply chain management, commissioned MGH to assess the strategic opportunities for expanding their offering to cover the hi-tech sector. This work included market sizing across the major hi-tech sectors (including IT, Copier, Medical Diagnostics, Telecom, White & Brown goods), analysis of process opportunities and the development of a supply chain offering for each sector. The company now has a successful supply chain offering and a number of hi-tech clients.



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