"Since I started working in the logistics industry in 1972 I have encountered many consultants. However, MGH are the first that I have ever seen to actually deliver the solution on the ground, rather than just presenting slides and figures."

Erkki Tamminen, Global Account Director, TNT

"MGH Consulting have worked extensively across the Vodafone Group. They have a thorough understanding of the end to end Reverse Logistics landscape. In working with our UK operation they have shown the ability to see their projects right through from writing the business case to implementing the solution."

John Garrett, Global Head of Device Management, Vodafone

Services – Project Management

The rate with which companies have to introduce change is increasing all the time. As a result, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for high quality project and programme managers to ensure that changes are implemented successfully. In many industries today, regulators and auditors are insisting on seeing evidence that there are adequate controls surrounding project and programme management and need to be satisfied that due process is being followed.

Yet many change programmes are one-off activities and companies often do not have project / programme managers, or the project managers they have do not have an adequate understanding of the service business. MGH has several strong project and programme managers and these can be deployed either with your own project team or with a team supplemented with MGH consultants.

Set-up of new warranty claims centre

For a leading European manufacturer of mobile telephones, MGH project managed the selection and implementation of a single EMEA warranty claim centre in the Czech republic, managing claims numbering in excess of 1,000,000 a month and employing some 30 people. In the space of a year, the centre was processing warranty claims for 20 countries across EMEA.

Partner accreditation programme

For one of the world's leading suppliers of desktop technology. MGH managed an intensive programme of accreditation of 50 major service partners across EMEA. In a 3-year programme, this involved tailoring the MGH partner profiling methodology, and organising audits with client staff and service suppliers. As a result of this work, the client was able to offer much improved service to its customers through its partner network.

Creation of an outsourced centre for handling all service logistics in India

India is one of the worlds fastest growing telecommunication markets. As the cost of mobile phones falls and network coverage increases, the penetration rate of mobile phone ownership per capital is surging. MGH has been employed by one of the major mobile phone manufacturers to scope, design, and implement a major logistics hub that will manage the movement of all service materials. This includes spare parts distribution of over $25m (USD) worth of parts per month to over 500 service partners, the handling (and validation) of retail returns, and the distribution of defective handsets across India for repair (depending on service partner repair capabilities). In addition to this, MGH is managing the creation of a fully integrated IT solution that will furnish the manufacturer with dashboard style reports showing major key performance indicators, whilst also allowing the service partners a window to track shipments of materials, arrange future pickups, and order spare parts.

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