"Since I started working in the logistics industry in 1972 I have encountered many consultants. However, MGH are the first that I have ever seen to actually deliver the solution on the ground, rather than just presenting slides and figures."

Erkki Tamminen, Global Account Director, TNT

Services – Outsourcing & Vendor Selection

Companies within the hi-tech sector are increasingly looking to outsource areas of business closer to core operational activity; Outsourcing has moved from transportation to call centre and reverse logistics operations, right through to reverse logistics operations, material planning and even end to end service delivery. Despite the criticality of what is being outsourced, our experience is that most companies are unaware of the capabilities of potential partners, too price focused when it comes to contracting and ill-equipped to manage the complex implementation programmes required to drive beneficial strategic change.

Successful outsourcing projects require the right blend of business strategy and procurement expertise. With this in place, it is then necessary to understand who the market players are and where their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses lie. At deployment stage, challenges are often faced by companies and their partners in turning the PowerPoint into reality – day to day operational issues can overshadow the big picture.

MGH has worked with many of world’s best known technology companies, in optimising their business operations through outsourcing and partner selection. We can work with you at any stage of the outsourcing process; from deciding what to outsource and defining business benefit, through to vendor selection and implementation. Whether you are looking to replace an incumbent vendor or outsource a process for the first time, MGH are well equipped to manage the entire outsourcing process for you or provide expertise at any of the key junctures.

European reverse logistics outsourcing programme

As part of a five year service strategy development project, MGH helped a global telecommunications manufacturer to concept and then outsource their reverse logistics operations. We developed the concept and business case for a centralised returns centre, which was presented to and supported by senior management. MGH ran the RFP process on behalf of the client, bringing the initial candidate long list down to a final shortlist of three and organised the site visits allowing senior management to make an informed decision with minimal investment of time.

The partner required the capabilities to handle one of the largest warranty businesses in Europe, processing more than 700,000 returned spare parts per month, 30,000 retail returns and 50,000 repairs. Having guided the client to final partner selection, MGH turned the concept into reality, project managing the solution roll out and setting up all the reports required to manage the outsourced party to contractually agreed key performance indicators and service level agreements.

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