"MGH approach is very professional; starting from facts, understanding each piece that may be of importance in the process, analyzing problems, and proposing solutions.

Delivery has been made in very appreciated way; timing was respected, easy to understand status/solutions, enabling to focus on next steps.

MGH level of expertise was recognised, allowing MGH to share views with top level management of Sony VAIO in Europe"

Jean-Luc Guisset, Sony VAIO

"MGH Consulting conducted a review of our after sales operations ascross Europe. They clearly understand the end to end reverse supply chain and made several suggestions on key areas for improvement. In all of their projects we can rely on them to deliver on time and on budget"

Dominic Dahl, Global Head of After Sales, Vodafone

Services – Operational Improvement

World class service delivery is dependent on having world class back end operational processes. Optimising the performance of your key operations requires both a sound understanding of applicable best practices and a detailed understanding of your current processes, country by country. MGH can help you to develop the to-be processes, map the current situation and plan the implementation processes. We have implemented major global deployment processes for some of the largest global service operations.

Warranty delivery review and re-design

Following a warranty operational review, MGH were engaged by a market-leading technology company to re-design their warranty delivery across Europe. Bringing together the experience, tools and techniques described above, MGH was able to help their client achieve in excess of €50 million in savings. This was done through, amongst other things, considerable reduction in claim volumes due to improved warranty validation processes; standardisation of partner reimbursement practices, rules and validation; and geographical rationalisation of the whole warranty management process across Europe.

This work continues today and has now included the outsourcing of all warranty claims validation to a low cost EMEA centre and the design and implementation of a material return and recycling centre.

Frame network review

MGH were commissioned to make an independent assessment of the range and quality of services provided by a major frame network provider. This involved developing a detailed assessment process that covered each area of the services provided and agreeing the assessment criteria with both the client and their end customer. The assessment criteria are now in use across the division and are being used to assess the performance with other customers and to develop improvement programmes

Operational review and end to end supply chain mapping

MGH performed a 12 week operational review with a focus on returns across EMEA for an IT peripherals company. The client had a lack of standardised processes for returns and a history of accepting all returns without question. A lack of sales/service support coupled with an aggressive sales strategy drove high levels of misinformed sales. Overall, this led to a lack of cost visibility for the full end to end RMA process.

MGH mapped the end to end supply chain and documented issues in four selected geographies. This report identified the opportunity to reduce EMEA returns from 12% to 8%.

Online support solution

A major consumer electronics company had a growing problem of no fault found (NFF) returns. Retailers and service partners did not have the tools and time to diagnose common user problems. Their increasing sales and rapidly developing technology were causing immense strain on costly service offerings such as call centres and service partners.

MGH assessed the key drivers behind NFF and deployed a simple user interface providing quick solutions to 80% of end customer and service partner problems.

This solution increased customer, service supplier and retailer satisfaction through improved tools to assist customers. It led to a reduction in number of NFF returns and reduced customer traffic to expensive call centres and service partners.

Retail returns solution

MGH worked with a company experiencing shrinking product margins due to growing retail return volumes and cost. Their problems were compounded by outlets not complying with returns processes, weak in store validation and customer abuse of the system.

MGH put together an operation to roll out a training programme to teach staff how to diagnose basic user issues and to stop accepting a high percentage of non faulty equipment. In addition, the margins from returns were credited back to the shop P&L, in order to get outlets to comply. The central claims process was also strengthened while non claimable product was refurbished through a repair centre and resold in a range of refurbished goods with a warranty.

These deliveries led to a 30% reduction in claims volumes while increasing customer satisfaction. There was also a 12% increase in reclaim success back to manufacturer and the refurbishment scheme enabled 20% of all costs to be recovered.



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