"Since I started working in the logistics industry in 1972 I have encountered many consultants. However, MGH are the first that I have ever seen to actually deliver the solution on the ground, rather than just presenting slides and figures."

Erkki Tamminen, Global Account Director, TNT

"MGH has worked thoroughly, professionally and have adapted to the needs of the client in working with John Lewis. They have provided us with insight, experience from other sectors and speed to help us deliver our project. Their passion and commitment is relentless. MGH have been a pleasure to work with and have grasped the somewhat unique character of our business and used this understanding within our work together "

Amanda Hickey, Senior Manager, Customer Development, Operational Development , John Lewis


We pride ourselves on delivering end to end solutions for your after sales service operations. Whether you need help with developing your service strategy or assistance in implementing a detailed process MGH has the skill sets and experience to help. In all of our work we focus on a quality and robust delivery of the solution, ensuring the longevity of initiatives well beyond the end of the project.

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