Realising Potential

MGH Technology Solutions focuses on the after sales service market for technology companies. Our high level of focus and specialisation allows us to confidently engage with the senior management teams of organisations and to add value from day one. We started the company over 17 years ago and have experienced sustained growth from a foundation of practical business experience.

In line with its customers, MGH operates from our head office in Weybridge, Surrey (UK). We pride ourselves on delivering real business improvement with a hands on approach. Our differentiator is not just being able to write the strategic document, but the ability to manage its successful implementation.

MGH operates through a large network of direct employees and associates, many of them former members of the leading consultancy organisations. This model allows us to match the engagement requirements without having the overhead of low utilisation.

MGH believes that there is the potential to improve many of the processes and practices to the benefit of businesses and the people in them. Its aim is to help its clients to realise their operational potential, which explains the company name MGH; Mass x Gravity x Height = Potential Energy.

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